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Looking for traditional and sustainable?

Many skincare companies use butters, fruit or vegetable oils, nut oils and seed oils to create their skin care products. We do, too, but we try to balance those exotic ingredients with something a little closer to home. The options for soap formulations are absolutely vast, and when you take into account the variation in ingredient proportions and additives, the world of possibilities gets even bigger and more complicated.  

Shea butter, mango butter, baobob oil, babassu oil, tamanu oil….they all sound incredibly exotic and heathful. But what do they really do in soap; how does their composition really work to make a lasting bar, that is environmentally conscious, and keeps skin healthy and moisturized? These oils and butters can do wonders for your skin, but our tallow makes a long-lasting, moisturizing bar that is also environmentally sustainable and traditional. The fewer of something you purchase, the lower your shipping efforts and therefore the lower your carbon footprint.   

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