Our Beginnings - KISS - 310 Soap Company

Our Beginnings - KISS

KISS stands for Keep It Superiorly Simple. Have you ever looked at the ingredient labels on your skincare and personal care products? Although we can say for certain that these products (usually) do what they claim to do, you can also find yourself totally tongue-tied trying to pronounce the list of ingredients, let alone understand how those ingredients work, whether they are really necessary, and what side effects they could possibly have. Many of the ingredients commonly found in personal care products can be irritating, and even be toxic or carcinogens in large amounts, or over time. As a scientist, I celebrate beneficial chemistry, but we’ve really gone too far in the skincare industry, overcomplicating things to the point that the general public has no way of knowing what they’re purchasing. Much of it comes down to preservatives, which we all know are necessary in some products, but it’s a slippery slope between preserving for safety and preserving for profit, which comes in the form of mass production and long-term storage for most large companies.

We started 310 Soap Company to re-set our expectations when it comes to clean personal care and what you should expect as a consumer in terms of transparency and quality. We design products to be as close to nature as possible, design our soap to be very long-lasting and moisturizing, and everything we design is beneficial for your skin with only high-quality ingredients. Our philosophy is simple, sustainable, beneficial, beautiful, luxurious, and just enough science. 

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