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Why we don’t make lotion – the answer may surprise you!

We are always asked for lotions or other water-based products….always!

I get it – we’ve all been raised on lotions, liquid hand washes, and body washes. When you hear about these products, what comes to mind? I bet it’s these clever marketing soundbites!

“Easy to use!”

“Easy to apply!”

“Light, non-greasy formula!”

This implies that oils are “oily” or “hard to apply”, and this just isn’t true! A lot of this has to do with these commercial-scale marketing tactics that the beauty industry has imposed on most of us for years. From this National Institute of Health Article – “Cosmetics, like any product containing water and organic/inorganic compounds, require preservation against microbial contamination to guarantee consumer’s safety and to increase their shelf-life.”

A compelling example of this we have observed personally – years ago, we went to Europe to work for about two months, along with dozens of co-workers. We ate huge meals, including bread, desserts, pasta, and drank a lot of wine, and our activity levels stayed about the same. Here’s the thing - every single person lost a significant amount of weight, without exception. We believe the major difference was the lack of preservatives in food overseas.

Over the years, we’ve stayed true to the philosophy of wellness from the inside out and launched 310 Soap Company with the philosophy of wellness from the outside in – being very strict about excluding fillers and preservatives from our skin diet.

310 Soap Company does not use water in our formulations. Most commercial beauty products are 80% water, preservatives, and plastic bottles, and we just can’t even (to bring back a phrase from the good old twenty aughts)! Our formulas are completely waterless, preserving the integrity of the pure ingredients, and do not need preservatives for their recommended lifespan – the oils themselves act as preservatives.

There are over 300 fatty acids, each very different in terms of the skin benefits they provide. Our formulas are composed of oils and botanicals, which naturally are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, contain an array of essential fatty acids and skin-healing vitamins. Our formulas are balanced based on the fatty acid profiles, oil absorption rates, and of course we look at the comedogenic rating of everything.

The other day, we had someone try one of our oil-based formulas, go back to their car, get in, and almost leave. They couldn’t stop feeling their hands from testing our formulas and were COMPELLED to come back and purchase it! I can’t tell you how many people have been shocked at markets when they try our multi-purpose oils, which pull triple duty as a facial cleanser, all-over moisturizer, and bath oil. It’s like their whole world has been turned upside down – the reaction we hear 90% of the time is “well, that’s not greasy AT ALL!”. You’ll love what we do to your skin!

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