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Won't Oils Just Clog My Skin?

In a word: no. That is, as long as you use the right oils. There are three things we look at when blending our body glow and facial oils: oil absorption rate, comedogenic (will it clog?) rating, and fatty acid profile. You don’t want an oil leaving you feeling greasy all day and clogging you. The best body oil is one that is lightweight, absorbs quickly yet leaves your skin silky, and doesn’t clog your skin. The thing is, there isn’t one kind of oil that can do all of these things, and that’s where we look carefully at the fatty acid profile of many different oils, and balance them to get an optimal oil blend. You may be wondering how we got to the point where we examine fatty acid chemistry – well, we had a lot of skin sensitivities, including acne, scalp issues, psoriasis, and just overall dry skin….and so did some of the people around us. Once we noticed it, we saw the same issue everywhere and it became our mission to find a solution. Our oils worked miracles for multiple issues for us, but don’t take it from us – here are just a few quotes from our happy clients:

“I had my mom try the face oil and just wanted to let you know: IT’S AMAZING! She is 59, and she has noticed a big difference. She said it’s light/not greasy, and feels that it absorbs so well. We will be making a reel soon for her using it as well. She LOVES your product!!” Tabitha Newell, Little Bit of Life Podcast.

“Also, I absolutely love the lavender body oil. You are a genius. That oil absorbs into the skin so well and is not greasy at all. It is the best natural skincare product I have ever used.” Lyndsey Dugan, Jo June Handpainted Jewelry

“Thank you sooo much for your help on my son's journey…..I love your compassion and drive. I just can't say THANK YOU enough. Your products are helping him.”

No one solution works for everyone, but if you're struggling with dry or problem skin, try our Body Glow Oil or Illuminating Facial Oil

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