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Soap Sampler Set

Soap Sampler Set

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An incredible value - this is the lowest price we offer for our soap on a per-ounce basis. Great skin starts with your cleanser and really shows when you exfoliate and moisturize. Add a gift basket here.

After ordering, email us with your 7 scent choices!

This set includes seven 2-ounce artisan-crafted tallow & goat milk soaps of your choice, packaged in a pretty macaron box. Labels for each soap are included!


Honey, oat and goat milk - unscented

Mountain Air - cedar, lavender, and herbals

Tea Tree - bracing tea tree and a hint of citrus

Dark Patchouli - earthy, grounding patchouli, all on its own

Patchouli Lavender Mint - patchouli with lavender and spearmint essential oils

Rosemary Mint - a blend of rosemary, peppermint and spearmint

Peppermint Green Tea - bright and spicy peppermint, the green tea seed oil adds extra softening but no scent

Lemon Poppyseed - bright, lemony goodness

Lemongrass Ginger Clove - smells like apple pie!

Orange Clove - orange and clove essential oils

Lavender Oat - lavender, boosted with a touch of cypress - everyone loves it!

The Woodsman - spearmint, fir and cedar essential oils

Citrus and Cypress - Orange and cypress essential oils


Gives all skin types an illuminating glow.


Gives all skin types an illuminating glow.


soap (7 soap rounds, 2 oz each)

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