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Customizable Facial Masque

Customizable Facial Masque

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This masque collection is a part of our handmade artisan skin care line, and we've used them for years. Approximately 2.3 ounces in each mask. Each jar should be able to provide approximately 12-15 applications.

Ingredients: Oatmeal + Turmeric is a powerhouse and contains: organic oat Powder, milk powder, kaolin clay, aloe leaf powder, turmeric, rosehip powder, bee pollen, and orange peel. Charcoal Clay contains: bentonite clay, kaolin clay, milk powder, and activated charcoal

Aloe leaf powder can cause an allergic reaction in those who have latex sensitivities. Do not use if you have a latex sensitivity/allergy. Directions for Use: For use on Face. Mix with a liquid of your choice, allow to dry, and then rinse off with water. Pat dry.

Warnings Avoid contact with the eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please Read Ingredients listed to avoid known Allergens. We recommend using our products within 6 months of purchase.


Benefits all skin types. Charcoal Matcha is great for congested or acne-prone skin, and Oatmeal Turmeric is more suited to dry skin, or skin prone to being irritated or red, although all skin types benefit from Oatmeal Turmeric.


This customizable clay masque is 2.3 ounces.

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