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Eye Balm

Eye Balm

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Slugging - the practice of sealing in your applied product with a layer of petroleum jelly, has become all the rage lately, and for good reason. It seals in moisture and allows the product to really sink into your skin.

Our Espresso Protective Barrier is the perfect natural slugging alternative - it contains no petroleum products, is noncomedogenic, and keeps your product right where you want it - benefiting your skin. Infused with espresso and green coffee seed oil, it's excellent for the eye area. Keep it in the fridge for extra de-puffing power!


Meant to be used on the delicate, crepe-prone skin around eyes, our Espresso Protective Barrier is only very lightly scented with beneficial and hydrating Ylang-Ylang essential oil.


Seals in moisture for all skin types.

INGREDIENTS (in order of weight) 
~ All-Natural and Palm-Oil Free ~
Espresso-infused babassu oil, beeswax, green coffee seed oil, and ylang-ylang essential oil.


This Espresso Protective Barrier is 0.5 ounces.

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